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About Us

Refined Luxury, Exceptional Experiences and Enthralling Elegance is what ELITIFY has always embodied. 

A spirit that the new look ELITIFY carries forward with élan.

Owned and Operated by Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Artists who are lifelong Fashion & Luxury Connoisseurs.

Reimagined with verve and unbounded passion, ELITIFY is driven to create the perfect luxe indulgence custom curated for you.

Orchestrating this perfectly is our A-team that emanates resourcefulness and passion to cater to your insatiable palate for luxury and design.

Our keen-eyed and ahead-of-the-curve Curators based in Delhi, London, New York and San Francisco predict trends and pick out select pieces that you richly deserve.

Bringing the fashion home is a nimble merchandising team based in US, Europe and India that channels the latest trending and contemporary fashion.

In all this, our intent is simple… create exceptional luxe experiences that symbolise the exquisite refinement you expect from us !