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Chukka Boots: The Raw heir to the Throne

Mohit Malik

Posted on January 02 2019

Chukka Boots, one of the most outshining shoe styles is innately a master of outdoors. Handcrafted in an authentic European crafting technique, this black stitched craftsmanship speaks of an era where sun never sat. Knight & Bond, being true to its roots of providing European designs with a modernistic view has designed these chukka boots of millennial imagination.

Chukka Leather Boots - Knight & Bond

First publicly worn by Duke of Windsor in 1924 in modern Britain, these boots find it’s roots back in India and have close relations to British military and polo both. With three open lacings, unlined structure and quarter flaps sewn on the vamp the shoes present a distinctive yet historical look. The soles of the boots are in specialised T-unite Argentinian leather sole specially crafted for all weather conditions.

Leather Chukka Boots - Knight & Bond

But what sets apart is the unique shape of the boots with a round toe which makes it design theme dominating and elegant at the same time. The layer of handpaint in brown colour and burnishing at the toe caps make it more distinctive, as you are! You can experience this design at : Knight & Bond

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